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We provide insightful information regarding the latest drug trends from around the world. In addition to trends, we also focus on helping people prepare for their pre-employment drug tests.

We believe that you have the right to your private life, and that you shouldn’t be denied employment based on activities when you’re off of work.

We believe the United States faces an identity problem when it comes to drugs. As a nation, we’re fine with a person drinking alcohol until they cannot see straight, and showing up to work the next morning. Their work performance is going to be terrible, but they are still rewarded in our society.

Yet, the person that smokes a tiny bit of marijuana in the comforts of their own home (and doesn’t drive drunk) can be denied a position if they test positive.

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  • Passing The Hair Follicle Drug Test – This guide discusses the nature of the hair strand drug test. Many people out there believe that it’s not possible to pass this type of test. We review this common misconception and provide tangible ways to get through the test.


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