Pee Pack Synthetic Urine Review

Passing a drug screening can be incredibly important for one’s career and well-being. This is why several companies have worked hard on the development of products for such people. The Pee Pack is one such product.

What Is Pee Pack?

image of pee pack medical grade urineThe Pee Pack is a synthetic urine pack. It’s a medical-grade apparatus, which means that the product has passed strenuous safety testing. The Pee Pack is used for the storage of synthetic urine and the production of a sample upon necessity.

This product is 100 percent toxic-free, and it can have a range of applications. Anyone into fetish urine use will get satisfactory outcomes from the Pee Pack, as well.

What Is Fake Urine?

As already mentioned, the medical-grade pack comes pre-filled with a synthetic urine mix.

Based on uric acid, this product mimics human urine so well that it can be used to pass some of the most strenuous screenings out there. Each of the kits features fake pee that has an optimal pH level and also contains urea, creatinine, proteins, ketones, glucose and uric acid. The smell and the appearance are authentic, as well.

It comes in a very durable pack that’s not going to pop even if you sit on it. When placed against the body, the pack will heat up quickly and bring the synthetic urine to an ideal temperature. Since the pack is flat and small, it’s incredibly easy to conceal underneath one’s clothing.

Does it Work?

Now that you have a pretty good idea about the Pee Pack, it’s time to answer the most important questions about the product. Does it work? Can be used to pass a drug test or another type of standard screening?

The answer to this question is a reassuring “Yes!”

Pee Pack is a laboratory-grade product. It can be used by both men and women who have to produce a urine sample for testing. There’s a simple to use fluid release valve that opens and closes the tube. The rest depends on gravity.

The synthetic pee inside the pack has the same composition as human urine. Thus, in the vast majority of cases, it can be used to pass a drug screening. On occasions, the Pee Pack may produce an inconclusive result. A low or a very high temperature could lead to this problem. It could also be the result of using a very old Pee Pack. With time, some of the organic components found in the synthetic urine will start to break down.

Easy to Buy

A Pee Pack is very easy to buy; simply have to visit PeePackUrine.Com. Keep in mind that it’s not advisable to use the same kit time and time again by refilling it. You may compromise the quality of the outcome. Since the price is reasonable, it’s best to buy a new Pee Pack every single time.

Discounts are available for bulk purchases, so if you have to pass drug screens regularly, this option would be the best one for you.

The company that makes Pee Pack is recognized for the quality of the customer service. If you have questions about the product or you don’t know how to get started with the purchase, you should contact the customer support reps.

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