How To Make Your Own Synthetic Urine

Did you know you can buy synthetic urine products that will help you pass certain drug screening tests with no problems (learn more here)? This fake pee appears to be just like normal piss, minus the “bad stuff” that may be present in a person’s actual urine. The key to successfully using this synthetic urine is not getting caught when using it.

If you’d like a cheaper alternative to this fake urine, you can create your own.

small amount of saltHere are the ingredients:

  • One cup of warm water
  • Just a couple of drops of yellow food coloring
  • A small amount of salt, maybe a pinch

Add the salt to the warm water, followed by the yellow food coloring. Pay attention as you add the food coloring, and stop once you’ve achieved the color results you are looking for. Once complete, you’ll have a cup of what looks like real human urine.

It’s important to note that getting caught is a possibility, so there are risks with doing this. If you’re tested in a public testing center, there’s a good chance someone will be there with you as you submit the sample. Because of this, you have to be very careful when trying to pass fake pee as your own.

Lab techsSubmitting the fake urine without being seen is only part of the problem. Lab techs have testing methods they use to make sure the sample actually came from you. One way they do this is by testing the temperature of the urine. Therefore, it is important that the temperature of your fake urine is as close to your body temperature as possible. One trick folks try is they use hot water instead of warm when creating the solution, the hope being that it will cool down to the correct temperature by the time they submit the sample. This can work, but it’s really just a shot in the dark because the odds that it will end up at the right temperature at the exact time of your test is very unlikely.

A safer way to make it look like the pee came from your body can be accomplished by using a urinator. You can pass a screening test using fake urine, but keep in mind getting caught is a very real possibility. Depending on the situation, getting caught trying to submit a fake urine sample may get you into more trouble than failing the test with your own piss, so make sure you understand all the risks involved before trying this.