How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

Urine is used for numerous types of screening. People who are not comfortable using their own urine for such screenings would prefer to use synthetic urine for this purpose. In fact, synthetic urine has become extremely popular in this day and age due to this reason. There are many products of synthetic urine on the market today.

Using a synthetic urine product is extremely easy. You just have to follow the instructions on the label of the product. But you need to purchase a high-quality synthetic urine product on the market for this purpose. The product should be kept warm to pass certain types of screenings. If not, the particular individual could fail the test.

Correct Fake Urine Temperature

right temperatureOne of the most important factors to consider when using synthetic urine is to maintain the right temperature during the screening process. If not, you will fail the test. Temperature is the first thing that checked by the lab assistant when screening urine. Natural urine has a temperature between 94-100 degrees F. Products should be able to maintain a similar kind of temperature for positive results in screening them.

This is why it is important that you purchase a high-quality product on the market. Most manufacturers use a heat pack to maintain the right temperature. They also provide a strip to check the temperature of the product at any given time. High-quality products include a heat pack and a strip to check the temperature of the product.

How To Maintain The Temperature

Hand warmers come in handy under such circumstances. You can purchase these hand warmers from any drug store or supermarket in your town. You need to pick a warmer that is more efficient and will last longer. This way the fake piss sample could be maintained at the right temperature until the screening takes place.

Using a hand warmer to maintain the right temperature of sample is quite easy. Take a warmer and wrap it around the synthetic urine product. You may use elastic bands to keep the warmer in place. Make sure you check the temperature of the product a few times a day. You should make sure that the temperature shown on the thermometer is within the required range. This will not cause any suspicion to the lab employee when they try to screen the product. Since most fake urine products come with temperature strips, you can easily check the temperature of the product. If your product doesn’t come with such a strip, you buy a strip at your local drug store or supermarket.

Remember, maintaining the right temperature of the product is important to pass the screening.It needs to be maintained in the synthetic product is closer to your body temperature. The product comes in a small plastic bag. You can place this plastic bag somewhere within your body to maintain the correct temperature of the product.


In conclusion, synthetic pee products have become extremely popular in this day and age. The product should be kept warm if you want the best results for using it.