The Complete Guide – Whizzinator Reviews 2017

This article breaks down the Whizzinator Touch (their latest model) to see if it’s still an option. Our Whizzinator review will cover the good and bad, so you know what you’re getting into if you decide to go this route.

Whizzinator 101

image of whizzinator touchIf you’re reading this article then you probably know what it is. But, just in case, the Whizzinator is essentially a fake penis that you strap around your waist. The device has an area to store urine (real or fake). Once the “penis valve” is released, the urine flows through the penis just like it would if you were urinating.

Additional Note: The Whizzinator Touch allows you to squeeze the penis to release the urine. This is an amazing feature because it looks natural. The older Whizzinator works in the same general way, except to release the urine you must squeeze a separate part.

If you decide to go with the Touch, we highly recommend

Five Different Colors

One of the great things about the Whizzinator Touch is that you can choose from 5 different colors. Just like the easy-to-use valve system, having the correct color will make you more relaxed.

See the five (5) options below:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Latino
  • Tan

Click here to see the different colors.

How To Use The Whizzinator

Click the image below to see the complete instructions.

whizzinator how to use instructions


Does It Really Work?

Yes, but that’s not the right question to ask. Of course a fake penis will correctly allow “urine” to flow through just like the real thing. But that’s not the concern here.

In order for the Whizzinator to work, you MUST use a synthetic urine product that works. Your ability to pass will depend 100% on the synthetic urine you choose.

Not sure which one is the best? We strongly urge everyone to use Quick Fix Plus 6.1 (read our full review).

The good news is that sells Quick Fix Plus 6.1, so you don’t have to find it somewhere else and pay additional shipping.

Alternatives To The Whizzinator Touch?

It’s understandable if you’re nervous using a Whizzinator product. I mean, it totally makes sense: You have to perform in front on someone watching closely. That said, it’s the only option if close supervision is used.

If you’re lucky and are allowed to be in a room by yourself, then the Whizzinator might not be the best option for you. In that case, I would suggest using a synthetic urine product. If you’d like to explore more options then please read our synthetic urine guide.

Background Story

This product has been used for years by individuals wanting to cheat at drug tests and has created a lot of debates and controversy throughout time, especially since some athletes were caught using it. Among the celebrities that got caught with a Whizzinator, you might remember Onterrio Smith, the NFL’s running back, and Tom Sizemore.

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